Almost There

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We dropped the new motor into Jenny, yesterday.



The dang A-5 transmission has not shipped, and I’m really tired of waiting.  I had intended to stab the whole engine, bell-housing, and transmission in at the same time, but couldn’t wait any more.  I just had to get the motor in to show some sort of progress to myself.




The Awakening

•December 7, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Thanksgiving Day at the J. Seward Johnson sculpture, known as the “The Awakening”.   Picture Here:  The Awakening (Thanksgiving 2007)

The sculpture consists of five separate pieces that are buried in the ground.  The sculture appears to be an anguished, metal, giant that might have gotten covered by soil at the beach.  This photograph was taken in the left hand.  The sculpture is located at Hains Point (East Potomac Park), Washington, D.C.  The sculture is scheduled to move to Prince George County, Maryland in the near future.

According to wikipedia (the complete source of public-knowledge), the sculpture is mentioned in the book, A Murder of Promise by Robert Andrews, and also appeared in the 1995 movie, The Net.   

Hello world!

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